Duke Buchan III, Founder and CEO, started Hunter in 2001. The firm was founded in New York City and is based in Palm Beach, Florida. Prior to founding Hunter, Mr. Buchan worked at several large financial and Wall Street firms. The firm and its affiliates manage multiple funds which invest in a range of asset classes globally. Public securities and real estate are a particular focus for Hunter. The firm and its partners are committed to preserving and growing capital over a long-term investment horizon and are willing to accept and capitalize on short-term market volatility in exchange for higher returns. To quote Warren Buffet’s long-term investing perspective:


Duke Buchan III

Founder & CEOHunter Global Investors L.P.Palm Beach, FL

“Charlie (Munger) and I would much rather earn a lumpy 15 percent over time than a smooth 12 percent.”

–Warren Buffet

Hunter could not agree more with Mr. Buffet.

Hunter’s flagship multi-strategy fund, which has a long-term focus, is up 23.95% for the year-to-date period ended June 30, 2017 versus 6.25% for the HFRI Equity Hedge Total Index and 9.34% for the S&P 500 Index. The fund’s cumulative returns since inception are over 7.0 times the Hedge Fund Index and 2.3 times the S&P 500.

In addition to managing multiple funds for its investment partners, Hunter manages the assets of Mr. Buchan and his family. The family office oversees the Buchan family’s investment, charitable giving, financial planning, tax, estate and cash management services.

Mr. Buchan is actively involved in education and other philanthropic causes. He currently serves as Vice Chair on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Arts and Sciences Foundation Board of Directors, and the Chancellor’s Philanthropic Council. In addition, he served on the University’s Campaign Planning Cabinet.

Mr. Buchan received a BA in Economics and Romance Languages: Spanish in 1985 from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and an MBA in 1991 from Harvard Business School. He also attended study abroad programs at La Universidad de Valencia in Valencia, Spain and La Universidad de Sevilla in Seville, Spain. He speaks Spanish, and has a working knowledge of Catalan. Mr. Buchan is a native North Carolinian whose passions include Carolina basketball, Spanish literature and culture, and his farms where he grows over 100 varieties of heirloom vegetables and raises horses. He grew up on tobacco and cattle farms that his family has owned and managed for generations.

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