Monthly Archives: December 2019

Mrs. Buchan and Ambassador Buchan address the importance of gender equality at Embassy event

POSTED December 11, 2019

“We want women to reach their economic potential as entrepreneurs in Spain. They are the ones who create jobs and improve economies.”

Ambassador Buchan op-ed in El Mundo: “The Time of the Tyrants in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua Must End”

POSTED December 10, 2019

“We ask Spain to take a leading role in the EU to improve these rights for Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans. We ask Spain to prevent bolichicos from Venezuela and corrupt Nicaraguans and Cubans from escaping with their plunder to Europe. The international community can and must stand as one against human rights abuses and end impunity for such tyrants.”

Ambassador Buchan op-ed in La Vanguardia: “Spain and the 5G Cyber Threat”

POSTED December 2, 2019

“Cheap things turn out to be expensive, in 5G and in everything: the data flowing through those devices would come into the hands of the Chinese State.”